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Just here to report that after 18 days of Email communication, WickedGoodCupcakes made the problem right this afternoon. UPS took full responsibility this morning via telephone and promised to have the items re-sent with signature required, and WickedGoodCupcakes decided to refund the original amount. Thank you for standing by your product and carrier. I've decided to remove my original review from their site, and update other reviews I have left elsewhere. Creative Sweets Delight at Wicked Good Cupcakes Premium City News 09.18.2013
I am severely disappointed in Wicked Good Cupcakes. After seeing them on Shark Tank, and having come from my home state, I was eager to try them out. I decided to send a couple cupcakes to my dad as a gift. I paid as much in shipping via UPS as I did for the cupcakes, which was fine and I was happy to pay it. The problem arises when UPS claims they delivered the package to a 6 story apartment building and leaves the package in the main unlocked lobby. You can imagine how many apartments are in this building! Any delivery service with any common sense would have rung the apartment number doorbell to alert a package was delivered. Worst case scenario *should have been* to leave a notice in the mailbox and bring the package back to UPS. My dad could have picked his gift up that very same evening or at worst, the next day. He was not given that opportunity. And now we are told by Wicked Good Cupcakes they do not stand by their choice of delivery service, and UPS says it was left and that there is nothing they are willing to do about the fact I paid $26 and received nothing. When you check the tracking number link, it says it was left at the front door. This is totally irresponsible delivering. I only thank my lucky stars I placed a small order and not a large one. Buyer Beware: A product is only as good as the delivery you do or don't get. Creative Sweets Delight at Wicked Good Cupcakes Premium City News 09.17.2013
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