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Founder and President of FashionEdits. She oversees all aspects of the website's featured informational articles on trade shows, designer interviews, the latest retail buzz, and trend forecasts. Ms. Henley received a Bachelor of Science from the Fashion Institute of Technology, after which she secured a sales representative position at Cherokee clothing. Thereafter, she gained invaluable experience working for a number of industry legends and gained invaluable sales sector experience as sales manager for a number of fashion companies. She gained important experience in international markets, principally in Europe and South America, as the owner of 4-M, an import/export company that specialized in denim, before partnering in a multiline showroom representing established and up-and-coming fashion designers and highly sought-after retailers She also worked as an independent sales executive for Love Quotes, a renowned scarf and shawl company, focusing on special markets, before devoting her full resources to FashionEdits

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