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Perri Rothenberg is currently a Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Although Perri is a full time student, it does not stop her from incorporating her vast travel experiences into every project. Perri grew up in a family that avidly traveled, considering her mother worked for several airlines. Instead of going to a fellow classmates birthday party at the age of 8, Perri was taking overnight trains to experience the Terra Cotta soldiers in Xian, China. Perri is the co-founder and fashion editor of Re: Magazine, an online publication that embraces art, culture and lifestyle. She also created her own blog for those with a parallel mindset of travel, art and culture. Within 2 months of being launched Where Is Per has been viewed in over 100 cities, in 25 counties within 5 continents world wide. While studying in the French Riviera and living in Stockholm, Sweden, Perri realized she needed to share her experiences with those who experience similar wanderlust as she does. Her favorite things include skiing the french alps in Chamonix, enjoying open diving with jellyfish in Palau, and watching the grace of ballerinas in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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