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Shanaka joined Hurford Salvi Carr in 2006 as an Online Marketing Manager and is responsible for overseeing our Online Marketing strategy and online presence. Find out more information about me from
Online Marketing Manager | Smart Business Consultancy NZ Ltd
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London Luxury house price predictions for 2014

Although most people feel as though they can set their watch by the fact that London house prices will continue to rise, there is not the same level of optimism everywhere. With the Crossrail effect starting to kick in, there are some areas of London...
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Very old agents agent in City of London :) Historic 1750's Mansion in London's Mayfair Listed at $80 Million is World's Most Expensive Fixer-Upper Lifestyle 02.20.2014
Really good design , it is not available for sale correct ? A Luxury Review-Best Ever Calvin Klein Watch on the Market Fashion 02.17.2014
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