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Joe Stebbins
Member since: November 20th, 2013
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► Eating (most) species of Whale is akin to CANNIBALISM! ► It's not the 16th century anymore. We now understand these animals and the critical nature of their natural evolution. ► Science has demonstrated - irrefutably - that humans are no longer unique in possessing individuality, self-awareness, cognizant social behavior, language, culture and intellect. ► Whale 'meat' is the most toxic of all food sources in the world, packed with mercury, radiation, heavy metals; many strains of vibros, parasites and other disease. ► Do you want to be regarded as "barbarians" "psychopaths" "sociopaths" etc.? ► EDUCATE YOURSELVES - you MUST have INTERNET there by now; Google just 3 key phrases: - Cognizant Behavior - Self Aware Social Animals - Toxins in Whale Meat ► UNDERSTAND that Whales are not the same as fish ► Join the rest of the world and RECOGNIZE the International Whale Sanctions you REFUSE to comply with. ► Until then, know that an enormous and growing number of us are BOYCOTTING your entire country over the atrocities committed here. Experiencing the Traditional Delicacy of Whale Meat in the Faroe Islands LuxeEpicure 11.20.2013
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