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Yes, they had a flying nanny on each of the 6 flights. But on every flight, other than saying "hello" as we boarded, we didn't see them again. We were sat near other parents with babies & toddlers and the sky nanny didn't visit them either. She certainly wasn't busy looking after children. From what I saw, they're simply a marketing gimmick and just wear a different coloured uniform. Over the 6 flights we had two staff who were good with kids, or showed any care above and beyond what you'd expect on a long haul flight. Not a great percentage! Flying Nannies & Chefs: Why You Should Sell Your Private Jet & Fly Etihad Instead Aircraft 12.22.2013
All sounds great, but this is definitely nothing like the experience I've had with Etihad. Despite 6 separate flights (UK to Australia) with a 6 month old baby, the only contact with a "sky nanny" was a greeting as we got on the plane. Same story on each flight. No help offered, no special treatment, no "how are you doing?". Wasn't impressed with Etihad in any respect, but no chance I'd consider flying with them again. Sure they'll fall over themselves if you pay them to, but isn't that the case with every airline? Flying Nannies & Chefs: Why You Should Sell Your Private Jet & Fly Etihad Instead Aircraft 12.21.2013
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