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The rich and complex development of the characters in the movie "Clubhouse" made me feel absolutely uplifted, in a film noir kind of way. I loved the film for this very reason. It was twisted, but revealed a truth. Friends of the protagonist, Robert, played out like the personal demons of his mind that had to be "deep sixed" for Robert to achieve his life's dreams; illustrating that a part of you may have to die for you to become who you are destined to be. Honestly, isn't that life? If we are really, really honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we project our problems onto those around us, and then come to hate those qualities of ourselves that we see in others. We use each other to reflect the state of our own consciousness. As we grow, we weed out the toxic influences, and hopefully develop deep friendships with those that mirror our 'true-selves', our essence, our soul. We go through the labyrinth of life wrestling with our inner-selves. Until we realize the hands around our neck are our own. I want to see more of this avant-garde writer / director. Emancipate your mind. Join the "Club". Filmmaker to Know: Yuri Shapochka Writer, Director and Producer of Clubhouse Lifestyle 02.06.2014
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