Cristiane Roget

Rainmaker & Feature Writer | Vector Internationa Pictures-Vector Voya

About Cristiane Roget

Cristiane Roget A Life so Far Co-Founder of Vector International Pictures ( in Beverly Hills, California and Art Basil ( in 2012, Cristiane Roget & Associates are an ad hoc consultancy of creative talent and marketing professionals that deliver trackable results. VIPictures provides guidance, production support and creative services for start up products/services, feature films and humanitarian causes. They have garnered global recognition for industrial strength, digitally fueled, multi-media campaigns. Roget’s firm has represented clients that include “Inside Edition”, fundraising for Mel Gibson's 'Icon Films' and Mikhail Gorbachev’s 'Global Green'. She co-produced the documentary 'Darfur, from Despair to Hope' directed by Mohammed Hassan and has recently launched, purveyors of iconic and exotic travel itineraries. Partnered with Alain Bismut and in association with Andrea Guardino she produced campaigns for Pepsi Fashion with Cindy Crawford and Andre Agassi, Prada,, Perfect 1864 Premier Vodka and Soprano Wines. enough already.

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