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Creative Catalyst applying Image, Style | Image, Style & Design Studio

About Steven Fischer

I see a world where the application of Image, Style & Design (ISD) is a way for organizations to connect with individuals in an emotional and deeper, more meaningful way, creating unrealized value for the organization. Image reflects both one’s self-image, as well as the image of organizations with which people interact. Style can be considered the manner in which an individual or organization reflects & portrays that image. Design examines the way objects and systems can be created to achieve desired goals. Bringing all three together is where the fun and valuable stuff happens. This realization came through my teaching about fashion at Northwestern University and seeing the connection between fashion and product life cycles, and seeing there was something larger at play than simply fashion - hence, Image, Style & Design. Organizations applying these principles receive extraordinary returns on their investments. Concurrently, I found myself applying these principles to the global luxury and lifestyle industries, and identifying true opportunities for distinction. Since January 2013 my focus on the luxury sector has manifest itself in the creation of Fischer Voyage, a 100% American luxury line celebrating our respective life voyages. Specialties: Style Design Luxury Fashion Clothing Color Shape Materials Texture Leather. Higher Education Global Business Cotton Japan Asia Manufacturing Operations Communication Systems Internet & Communication Policy.

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