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Over the past nine years I have worked in branding, web marketing, and digital advertising. Having collaborated with a wide range of clients - from local organizations to international campaigns - my passion for communication design continues to grow with every project. Although my specialty lies in design, my career has awarded me the opportunity to play the role of project manager, marketing researcher, developer, and content editor. Growing up in Texas, my creativity stemmed from a young age. In high school I joined the school newspaper to showcase myself as a journalist. It wasn't however until I got to college, that I realized it wasn't the writing I adored - it was the creative process! After diving into every fine art major that Texas State had to offer - from photography to underwater basket weaving - I followed my heart to Communication Design where I studied Graphic Design and Marketing. In 2001, I ventured to California for a summer vacation of palm trees and sunshine. It was instant love - both metaphorically and literally - as I met my husband that summer. Ten years and two boys later, we still call San Diego home. On the weekends you can find me spending time with my boys and our Italian Greyhound - Austin, sewing arts & crafts, treasure hunting at the swap meet, or shopping on Etsy... I can't help myself on that site! After receiving a Bachelors of Science in Web & Interactive Media from the Art Institute of California, I worked for local design agencies and ultimately landed the role of Senior Designer at JustLuxe in 2006. Working for JustLuxe has rewarded me the experience of working with a team of talented designers, developers, and writers - as well as the opportunity to design for high-profile advertising campaigns.

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