Virgin Flight Attendants Offer Beauty Tips for Travelers

Virgin America

For flight attendants who have to be up at all sorts of odd hours while maintaining a friendly disposition, looking good would seem to take a spot on the backburner, but, as this interview shows, they're just as interested in looking great while they work as all of us are and they're here to tell us how they do it.


Many of us will no doubt brave never-ending lines and security checks in the coming days, and contrary to the retro-glamorous Jet Age of Pan Am, we will wear tinted moisturizer, top knots, and sweatpants with pride. It’s okay to take your in-flight routine a notch down on the glamour scale, but airline travel doesn’t mean a total beauty copout. If you think five hours of dry cabin pressure and too-close-for-comfort UV rays are bad—how about the flight attendants who face it every day? Read More

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