Visiting New York Soon? A String Of Attractions Awaits You


Tying to chalk out a perfect itinerary for your impending NYC trip can turn out to be a difficult proposition, given the huge number of iconic landmarks the city has. From the Times Square to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Empire State Building to the Central Park- the city’s list of leading tourist attractions remains endless. These are just some of the names. Striking off any of these illustrious names from your list, might seem painful initially. However, a well-thought out itinerary is important to ensure that you have an equally well-rounded tripping experience. Within, a short trip you cannot really expect to get a sneak-peek of all the noteworthy destinations of New York- because, frankly speaking, it has many of them. Here’s a primer on the must-see destinations of the city, especially when you’re there for a short period of time for personal or professional reasons.

So before booking your executive jet charter, make sure that you’re browsing through this list thoroughly.

Leading Attractions of New York

Central Park: Central Park is an important part of the New Yorkers’ lives as it provides them with a whopping 843 acres of lakes, paths and open spaces-- far from the quintessential New York clamor. It offers an array of activities to indulge in:

·        Even a casual walking tour can leave you with wonderful memories. TheCentral Park Conservancy tours might take around one and half hours

·        You can indulge in some rowing around the lake after renting a boat from Loeb Boathouse

·        Enjoy a picnic

Empire State Building: Situated in midtown Manhattan, New York City, the Empire State Building is a 103 storey skyscraper that makes for one of the biggest attractions of New York. It is treated as the cultural icon of America and offers a panoramic view of the New York City from its 86th floor. Do include it in your list of attractions for the sheer joy of beholding such a specimen of architectural superiority.

American Museum of Natural History: This one has never stopped evolving since its inception in the year 1869. It has some permanent exhibits and Rose Center planetarium. Besides, it also conducts a range of temporary exhibits. You can try out the series of tours offered by the museum. If you’re opting for the explainers tour then you’ll be guided by volunteers who will answer your queries regarding geology and astronomy. There are highlight tours and private group tours as well.

Rockfeller Center: It is situated in midtown Manhattan and is perfectly suitable for a round the year visit. The primary attractions of Rockfeller Center include:


·        Ice Skating Rink

·        Christmas Tree

·        Radio City Music Hall

·        Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Metropolitan Museum of Art: This one is the largest art museum of the United States. The museum boasts of a staggering 2 millions of works that are segregated among 17 curatorial departments. Ancient Near Eastern art, Asian art, Arts of Africa, America and Oceania are some of the leading inclusions.


These attractions, should more or less make up for your entire itinerary even if you’re visiting the city for a short period of time. Do consult your checklist time and again. Find out if any vacation deals or packages are made available at the time of your visit or not. There are other ways of stretching your dollars as well. Check out for the special deals and promotions available on the above mentioned destinations. Compare the prices of accommodation, flights and restaurants thoroughly before preparing a budget and you’re all set for an enjoyable trip ahead.

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