Vogue UK Signs Code Protecting Models

Vogue UK

Looking to improve working conditions for working models, a company called Equity created a working conditions code for models, which is designed to limit working hours and not put them in any kind of compromising situations. With Vogue UK signing on to the code, this is a big step forward for the fashion industry and hopefully the code spreads to other magazines and ad agencies.


BRITISH Vogue has signed a ten-point code protecting models at work, organised by Equity - the trade union best known for representing actors and actresses. The deal was drawn up to improve the working conditions of models.

The agreement stipulates that models hired by Vogue will not work longer than ten hours a day, will have adequate food provided and will not do any semi or fully nude shoots unless agreed in advance. The code also prohibits models under the age of 16 from being photographed for shoots representing adult models. Other requisites include mandatory breaks, changing rooms, transport, prompt payment and suitable temperatures for the clothes being modelled. Read More

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