Wearable Giveaways to Help Promote a Company or Charity

Marketing is a big part of any company's budget – regardless of its size.  Direct and long-lasting marketing offers the greatest value for money, and few things are as durable or offer the same length of value as wearable merchandise.  From t-shirts and ball caps to wristbands and badge holders, wearable items allow clients and customers not only to keep your name or cause in front of their minds, but they also serve as an active advertisement to new clients, customers, an interested parties. 

Planning a Marketing Campaign

Whenever a company or charity plans their own marketing campaign, it is a good idea to first consider what will be put onto the clothing or other item, as well as throw around new ideas.   A wearable marketing campaign can be a great platform for launching a new logo or slogan.  Commemorative shirts or other pieces of clothing can also be used to pay tribute to a specific event, such as a Fun Run for charity, and can also incorporate the logos of corporate sponsors which can help to defray the cost of the shirts while still advertising your own charitable cause.   The sponsors win out as well since their name will not only continue to be advertised, but will also continue to be connected with their involvement in community and charity. 

Knowing Which Items to Use

Determining which items to use in this kind of campaign can be important.  For a company, it's wise to choose items which will last a long time so that you get maximum exposure in terms of long-term advertising.  It's also important to consider the people who will be wearing the items.  T-shirts may not work well for a corporate event, but lanyards or badge holders will be useful to customers and clients long after the event is over. 

Dealing With a Reputable Company

As with any marketing or business venture, it's important to use a reputable company.  There are several companies which offer personalized clothing and accessories which can be researched online and off.  More and more companies are using these companies as well as this approach to marketing which makes finding reviews for customized marketing campaigns easier than ever.   Once you have an idea of what you want your campaign to achieve as well as what items you'd like to use, simply search for local, national, and even international companies which can offer the supplies and service you need.

Wearable promotion and marketing campaigns can offer true value for money.  Proper planning to determine what you want the campaign to achieve as well as what logos, tag lines, and graphics to use can deliver the maximum impact for the clothing or accessories as well as the campaign as a whole.  By choosing items and clothing which fit not only your event, but also the needs of your clients and customers, this kind of marketing campaign can keep your name in front of both new and existing companies for years to come.  


Kelly McCloskey is an Ohio-based freelance writer who works with a wide variety of clients and independent websites.  She enjoys writing about pop culture and innovative marketing techniques such as use of lanyards for large and small enterprises.


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