Website Gives Jewelry Suggestions Based on Personality

I don't like knowing that a person or company can zero in on exactly what I like and will purchase based on the answers I give to just a few questions. However, Amatyzt is claiming to be able to do just that with the jewelry they sell through their Fashion Style Guide, making (for some people at least) jewelry shopping a breeze., the online boutique that specializes in unique jewelry, understands that people want to quickly be able to find the kind of jewelry that they feel comfortable wearing. But online stores often have such a huge selection that it is hard to zero in on the items that truly capture one’s heart. Although each person is unique, people tend to gravitate to a style that fits there fashion personality. And jewelry is such an important part of completing a look, that has created a Fashion Personality Style Guide to help its customers choose the best according to their tastes and preferences. Read More

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