Weird Celebrity Last Wishes


Some celebrities have stranger burial wishes than others and not all of them want a gravestone or cremation urns. So, let’s have a look at some of the stranger celeb final wishes.

Hunter S. Thompson

After a life of hell raising Hunter S. Thompson decided to have his cremation urn sent by rocket into the sky. The writer and journalist had his ashes fired from a 150 foot tower. The canon placed on top of the tower was paid for by Johnny Depp and exploded all over his Colorado farm, allegedly as Thompson would have wanted. According to his widow Anita ‘He loved explosions’. Did we mention the canon was shaped like a two thumbed fist holding onto a piece of the hallucinogenic peyote?

Jimmy Dean

Country music super star Jimmy Dean’s requests were very specific and in his will he asked to be placed inside a $350,000 piano mausoleum. The item had been purchased a number of years before his death and is inscribed with ‘Here lies one hell of a man’ – humble!


The American rapper never had a funeral for fear of hits on his gang. However, he was cremated after the funeral which was organised by his mother was cancelled. This however was only the start of weird proceedings. Tupac’s gang, known as The Outlawz then mixed his ashes up with weed, rolled them up and smoked them. There is a statue however dedicated in Atlanta to the rapper and it and the surrounding ‘Peace Garden’ are available for weddings should you feel the need.

James Doohan

Otherwise known as Scotty from Star Trek, Doohan’s request was that he would be buried in space. Fortunately, Celestas Memorial Flights was at hand to send the galactic actor skyward. However, they failed on both occasions and on the second attempt the urns for ashes were lost forever.

Rudolph Valentino

Valentino had one of the largest funerals ever seen in the Big Apple and there were a number of strange additions to the sex symbols final trip. Over 100,000 people attended and many were hysteric after his death. Strangely the funeral directors hired actors to act as an honour guard sent by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Not content with one funeral, a second was held in Hollywood. Here thousands attended again and were showed with red petals from an overflying plane.

Frank Sinatra

The usual funeral for Sinatra, aside from the fact that he was sent off in a King Tut style with a bottle of whiskey, a lighter and a dollar in change in the burial casket – he may have needed to make a phone call.

Cormac Reynolds works for Urns Coffins a UK Funeral company that offers cremation urns.


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