What Acupuncture Can Do For Your Beauty

There is a common saying that goes; "Beauty is more than just skin deep." True to that fact, there are two meanings that one can derive.

First, it is true that beauty goes beyond what we see. It borrows a lot from one's personality and characteristics. Secondly, we can also deduce that the external beauty is not just an outward affair. It is a reflection of what happens within us.

These two meanings take the centre stage of Chinese Medicine. Unlike conventional medicine, Chinese medicine has always considered the relationship between a person's emotions and his general health. Since a long time ago, this form of treatment has always remained clear as to which emotions are related to specific organ systems. So, if a person is always unhappy, this will have a negative impact on their beauty. At the same time if a person is always happy he (or she) is very much likely to have good looks as well.

Most of the channels that the body energy flows through usually terminate on the face. Since these channels are closely linked to specific body organs, in case any one of them is affected, then this impact will automatically be evident on the face. You must have observed this at least once in your lifetime. For instance have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror just after experiencing something nice? You surely look more beautiful when you're happy and ugly when you are lousy.

By recognizing this principle, Chinese acupuncture is able to restore one's beauty albeit in a natural way free from side-effects.

There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes- "Where Qi (energy) goes, blood also flows." What facial acupuncture does is to boost the flow of Qi to the face. Due to the increase in the amount of energy, the face becomes more oxidized. This further boosts the availability of nutrients in this area and the removal of toxic substances which cause the skin to turn dull and age faster. As a result, the facial skin becomes more radiant and with a glowing complexion.

You can never look beautiful if you are always sad and gloomy. Tension and anxiety boosts the secretion of lactic acid causing the facial muscles to contract. Usually people going through stressful situations exhibit habitual straining, grimacing and squinting on their faces. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture helps in easing these lines by loosening the facial musculature. By removing these lines, this procedure restores back your natural beauty and complexion.

The number of acupoints that are used in the facial acupuncture differs from one individual to another. Basically, the treatment is designed to specifically suit different individual demands. Some of the key points include: the legs, the arms, and the area beneath the jaw, the face and the ears.

Facial acupuncture is a pain free and soothing process. In almost all cases, the patients feel so calm until they fall into sleep during the acupuncture treatment. Facial acupuncture is a sure way to restore you beauty. Most of the people who have undergone the entire process laud it for its long-term and immediate benefits; above all it is a superb way to avoid the chemicals or painful surgeries in restoring one's beauty.


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