What are the Most Expensive Wines in America?

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When many people think of the best wine in the world, they think of France. However, ever since America defeated France during a blind wine taste test in 1978, US wineries have only continued to improve the quality of their output.

While there are plenty of great American wines that carry average price tags, if you really want to show off your patriotism by picking up one of the most expensive bottles available, here's what American wine producers have to offer:

Sine Qua Non

If you're looking for a bottle of wine that costs more than a used car, look no further than this California winery. Founded by Manfred Krankl, Black & Blue is the winery's most famous output. The average cost of a bottle of this Syrah is just over $4,300. In comparison, the LASIK eye surgery Manassas VA locals undergo at their local hospital is a mere $3k.

The reason the price of this wine blows away even other top-notch American options is because it was only produced once in 1992. As a result, the demand for Black & Blue among collectors is huge.

While Black & Blue is the winery's shining star, it's not their only bottle that commands a premium. Sine Qua Non's 2000 Non Suey generally goes for slightly less than $2,400. Not too shabby for a 375 ml bottle of white Roussanne dessert wine!

Harlan Estate

Not long ago, Harlan Estate only produced 800 cases a year. But even though they've more than doubled production to 2,000 cases a year, their output still commands premium rates. While an average bottle of their flagship red runs about $750, their most popular vintages regularly go for several thousand dollars a bottle.

Schrader Cellars

This is actually the second winery that Fred Schrader founded. His operation is all about producing incredible red wines. His focus on quality is exactly why the winery's Schrader CCS and Old Sparky are both highly sought after Cabernet Sauvignons.

Not only do the bottles go for around $620 and $770, but because of the incredible demand for Schrader's wines, he currently has a waiting list of over eight thousand people!

Screaming Eagle

Last but certainly not least, Screaming Eagle produces quite a few wines that come with hefty price tags. Their Second Flight, which is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, goes for about $600. Moving up through their selection, a 2010 Sauvignon Blanc goes for over $1,700. The reason for the huge jump is that this was the first vintage they produced.

While both previous options are great wines, the cream of the crop for Screaming Eagle is Cabernet Sauvignon. With an average price of about $2,550 a bottle, the vintages for this premium wine range from 1992 to 2010.

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