What beaches do you like?

I live in southern California. In the spring and summer months I love to check out the beaches along the coast. They are all nice and each has it’s own regulars. I enjoy getting up early and stopping in a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee, and take it with me to the beach and sit on a bench facing the ocean and just relax and enjoy the view of the waves coming onto the shore.

The air smells fresh and sort of beachy. The sound of the water is refreshing and soothing also. I have met a few cool people just sitting there drinking my coffee. I notice the same people day after day on their morning walk either with their pet or spouse, or an exercise partner.

Most of the regular’s are the local’s that live near by. It’s nice to see people taking care of their health by walking fast or jogging at a medium pace. I myself like to walk on the sidewalk that goes along the length of the beaches and just watch the other people!

I like the fact that California takes pride in keeping their beaches clean and has tractors that rake the sand early in the morning. Also there is plenty of trash cans for the people to use for recyclables and just trash, so there is little trash on the beach.

Sometimes I will bring my Cannon 35 mm camera with me and take pictures of the beach facing the water. I have some really nice photo’s of the sun setting over the ocean in the early evening. I like to get the photo’s just as the sun goes down past the water line in the horizon, and then the sky turns really pretty colors of orange, red, yellow,and the blue sky behind those colors is amazing!

The pier area is fun to walk around as well. The Santa Monica Pier has all kinds of attractions to look at. Some local artist’s take their craft’s there to show and sell. There is usually a fishing crowd at the far end of the pier, trying to catch a few fish.

One thing I always enjoyed watching at the beaches are the surfers. I use to live in a condo right in front of the ocean in Manhattan Beach California. I would go out in the morning and sit on the balcony, and wake up drinking my coffee and watch the surfers pull into the parking area and check out the waves that morning.

If there were good waves coming into shore they would change into a wetsuit. If the water was calm they would pull out of the parking lot and come back again later in the morning. I am amazed that these surfers will get into the cold water like it is nothing. It is not always summer time when they surf either. They will drag their butts out of bed early in the winter also and get out in the water as early as 4:30 am!

But it is cool to watch as they sit on their boards out in the water and just wait for that one wave that they can catch and ride into the shore on. Some of them catch a really high wave and stand up on their board and just do their thing rocking back and forth trying to balance and stay on the wave. It’s very cool and fun to watch.

So what beaches do you like?


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