What Does The Ideal Office Look Like?

It stands to reason that the ideal office is different for everyone, but there are features you can put in any office that would meet with people´s fantasy´s. Don´t get carried away, we´re talking palm-leaf fans and massage fantasies here, you´ve got work to do, but we do think we have the next-best-thing solution. Here are our four key factors to the ideal office.

A quality chair

When you are presented your desk on the debut day of your latest job, the first thing you look at is the chair. It makes perfect sense to do this given your derriere will spend most of the time parked there for the foreseeable future.  What you are looking for is comfort and back support. We´re thinking big puffy leather cush here, but you make your own mind up.

Tidy work station

A clutter-free desk is a clutter-free mind as they say so keeping your work station tidy also helps you clear your mind and focus on the job. Not to mention it´s easier to find your pen. The ideal office therefore should include file organisers, either shelves of cabinets, we don´t care as long as they are not scattered all over the desk. A large computer screen would be nice too!

Amazing vistas

When we say vistas, we don´t mean multiple Microsoft Windows applications you fool, we’re talking about views – amazing views. Again this boils down to preference, but we’re quite partial to a tranquil lake surrounded by raking mountain slopes and thick clusters of forest. Others before an ocean view whilst some are happy with a tall city skyline. The vista of choice is not important providing it relaxes and inspires!


It has been scientifically proven that listening to classic music relaxes the brain in the same way it does watching Guinness settle. Providing employees with a pair of earphones so they can tune into classical masters such as Bach and Beethoven stimulates the brain and increases productivity.

Your ideal office space may make you sound like you have your head in the clouds, but with a virtual office space you really can be working in the cloud. With over 20 years experience of renting office space, Regus has learned to evolve with modern day business needs – and in today´s world anything is possible!


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