What Does Your Ball Cap Mean?


I don't think there's a guy in existence that doesn't have at least a couple of baseball caps. Likewise, one of these menswear staples will be a favorite for the guy, and Kempt has created a fun list describing what each type of ball cap says about the wearer.


There are plenty of perfectly good reasons to wear a baseball cap.

Driving a convertible. Watching a ball game. Premature balding.

But we’ve been noticing a sharp rise in guys wearing more #menswear-y versions—without a hint of support for a sports team—even more so, with the recent rise in popularity of the five-panel cap and floral prints. And it got us thinking about what it all means. So we’ve gone ahead and taken stock of all the nonstandard baseball caps out there to give you a better idea of what your choice in billed topper is projecting to the world. Read More

Michael P.

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