What Does Your Raincoat Say About You?


Everything we wear makes some kind of statement about the kind of people we are, and some relatively accurate assumptions can be made about a person based on what she or he is wearing... Sometimes. However, this piece about rainy-day fashions from Kempt doesn't take itself seriously in the least, but there are some nice jackets to check out and might cause a chuckle or two as well.


With spring showers beginning to sprinkle over the northern hemisphere, it’s more than likely you’ll be reaching for a raincoat sometime soon—or looking for a new one. And in 2013, there’s a dizzying array of options to choose from. But before you head out into the damp unknown in your finest waterproof jacketry, you should know what your choice in gear says about you.

So, without further ado: what your rainwear says about you, according to Kempt. Read More

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