What to Anticipate From a Hair Salons Sheffield Appointment

There are, of course, a number of different hair salons offering hair extensions, which can be either permanent or temporary. As such it can be quite hard for a potential customer to understand when he or she is getting the service most appropriate to his or her hair type.

The first thing to understand is the different types of extensions that might be offered by hair salons Sheffield. Some are designed to be temporary, just used for a single appearance or occasion; while others are more suited to a permanent alteration in the look, or for bridging the gap between growing hair out naturally and achieving the final desired length.

The hair salon should provide a thorough consultation to begin with, which will identify the types of extension most likely to achieve the desired effect, for the proper length of time. A consultation may also point out other ways to achieve an effect, depending on what the consultant feels is best for the head and the hair in question.

The hair salon may recommend clip in extensions, for a one off event such as a wedding or theatrical appearance. Clip in extensions are clipped directly to the roots of existing hair, allowing the hair salons offering them, to dictate both the length and volume of the look they are creating.

Clip in extensions must be removed before sleeping. So these are really only practical for a single use, unless the customer is prepared to have them restyled daily by the hair salon she or he is attending.

For more permanent solutions, typically mid-range in terms of the length of time worn, glue in extensions may be recommended. Glue in extension works much like a clip in extensions save for the part that the hair is heat sealed to the roots using a special kind of adhesive. Over a period of several weeks, this adhesive will lose its hold and eventually cause the extensions to drop away. This can be ideal for hair salons to bridge a gap between a short haircut and a long look for the client.

As noted, hair extensions are not the only product sold by hair salons, which also provide colouring, highlighting and perm solutions for their clients. In every area, it is essential that the client trust the hair salon. This means that the salon’s best asset is not the breadth of treatment it might provide; rather it is the people providing the treatment. Customers come back for specific hairdressers, whose work they are comfortable with, because they know that a salon mistake or just a misinterpretation of their wishes can take months to grow out or rectify.

Thus, one of the key signifiers of good hair salons Sheffield is word of mouth. Places that people trust tend to get a reputation of being trustworthy quickly. A place known to be friendly and reliable will always have a full appointments book. So ultimately if you try to get appointments in unfamiliar hair salons and have no trouble getting one immediately, you may wish to ask around for some more before confirming.

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