What To Wear to 3 Important Events

You need to dress for success no matter what you do. Going to the mall, having a job interview, or attending a special function are all activities that call for the right clothing options. Just as there are things you should wear, there are also items you should avoid; knowing the difference will increase your confidence and your chances for success.

How to Look Wonderful at a Wedding

Traditionally, there are two very vital things you need to remember when you're a guest at a wedding:

  • Never wear white
  • Never try to upstage the bride

It's understandable that you want to look your very best, but even if you're the bride's best friend, sister, or mother, remember that it's her day, not yours. Wearing white is a huge fashion faux pas; the bride is the only participant who gets to wear white. You don't want anyone to mistake you as one of the newlyweds, do you?

With that out-of-the-way, you just have to consider the wedding itself. If it's an informal wedding, stick to pretty, light dresses for daytime events or casual cocktail frocks for evening affairs. If it's a formal ceremony, then longer dresses and evening gowns are just fine as long as they're not too over the top. Consider more muted color palettes for the most part, depending on the theme, and don't go overboard with massive makeup and hair.

Exuding Confidence at a Conference

If you're attending an Ed Young conference or another special event in your industry, you need to make a good impression. Since first impressions are generally based on appearance, it's crucial that you dress for success. Begin by choosing the right color spectrum. Neutral, timeless shades are best, so stick to:

  • Black
  • Shades of grey
  • Navy blue
  • And brown hues

Wear a suit and choose between modest pencil skirts or tailored trousers. You need to bring a suit coat with you, especially if it's a more formal function, but you don't necessarily have to wear it. That gives you some leeway with tops, but stick to professional pieces. Button-ups are fine, but steer clear of any ostentatious embellishments. In a business casual environment, a polished cardigan set is fine as well. Leather shoes are best, but avoid high heels and stick to low heeled shoes or flats. Keep your makeup and hair understated, as you would at the office.

Inspiring Style for Job Interviews

The proper attire for a job interview is much the same as it is for a conference. Dress modestly and conservatively while still maintaining confidence and personal style. Coordinate your outfit in neutral shades but incorporate subtle pops of color if you like.

Don't go all out with makeup, hair, or perfume and avoid any skyscraper heels. Fake nails, dangling earrings, and tight clothes won't make the cut. You also need to look and feel comfortable, so make sure your clothes are neat, tailored, and free of wrinkles. It's not the time to pull out your high fashion looks.

Dressing for success isn't hard, it just takes practice. What are your go-to outfits for important events?


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