What Will Luxury Travel Look like in the Future?

Novelists, movie directors and screen writers are using their visionary minds and imagination to provide us with a glimpse on how the world will look like in the future. Scientists make efforts to turn these dreams into reality, but nobody knows for sure what surprises the next decades will face us with. Let’s take a look into a few possible scenarios that might feature the travel industry of the future!

Air floating suites

The urban landscape is currently changing in all parts of the world. Modern cities evolve vertically. Skyscrapers are a common element of our metropolises’ architecture. Their use ranges from a housing luxury residences or hotels to providing office space to corporate clients. If today we can opt for holiday accommodation with top of the world panoramic views, the future might present us with another opportunity: vacation homes that float in the sky and descend upon demand when travelers want to visit a specific place.

Is this a science-fiction scenario? Only time can tell. After all, who believed a few decades ago that we would be able to spend our holidays in underwater hotels, or to ski on indoors slopes? At the time Jules Verne was writing his novels sailing around the world, or taking a balloon ride were considered utopian ideas.

Completely green holidays

Although a much talked about topic, green travel remains mainly a marketing slogan. A completely ecological holiday refers nowadays to nature immersions, to backpacking hikes, and to camping evenings spent around a fire. However, there are experts who promise us that in 25-30 years people will be able to reach their distant holiday destinations in solar powered aircraft, will go sightseeing in environmentally friendly cabs, and live in hotels running on geothermal and wind energy.

The concept of flying cars seems to be closer to becoming a reality than most of us would think. Chinese and American flying car modelshave already been built, but they look more like a helicopter, and they are far from being environmentally friendly. Considering the fact that forecasts speak about a  130% increase of the carbon emissions and dioxins levels in the atmosphere by 2045, having some green transport options wouldn’t be so bad.

Armchair travelers

When thinking about holidays and trips, we usually refer to flying abroad, to a road or railway trip in our country of residence. Globe-trotting is a type of lifestyle many dream of nowadays. However, an opposite concept appeared – that of armchair travelers. Comfortably seated in front of their computer screens, armchair travelers crisscross the world by means of a few clicks.

If we take into consideration the technological advances made during the last years, armchair traveling is likely to become a common practice, and to feature the mainstream travel in the future. Without touching the water, we can now dive in different locations around the globe likeHeron Island, Lady Elliot Island, Wilson Island (Australia), Molokini Crater, Hanauma Bay (Hawaii) and Apo Island (Philippines) with Google Street Underwater View.

In a nutshell, different tendencies seem to make their appearance within the travel industry. Will all of them feature its mainstream? Will they be just a trend? Only time can tell. 



Mihaela Schwartz

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