What's wrong with spending your vacation a bit differently?
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I ask this question because everybody seems to be going for the same old holidays. A decent beach, a sea and a nice hotel – these are the three things most people go for because they got used to that kind of arrangement. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but going for the same thing, year after year, must become repetitive after some time. Why not try something different and actually feel that you’ve had a new experience.

First and foremost, the choice of transport when going on a vacation has a large impact on what your experience will be like. Here are a few examples on how your choice of transport can change the experience you will have.

Taking an RV through the East Australian coast

If you really like the beach and the sea situation, why not sunbathe and swim at a different beach each day? Renting an RV and taking your home on the road while on vacation is a great way to spend your vacation. I suggest the Eastern Coast of Australia since it has a variety of beaches you are definitely going to love and well-arranged mobile home parks through the entire stretch. Also, if you plan to take your family on this journey you should be aware that the Australian Gold Coast has some of the best lifeguards in the world. Fly into Sydney, rent an RV and start enjoying the beautiful beaches of Australia.

Biking through Tuscany

The sea side isn’t the only way to go. Sometimes you might need to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery for a while. After all, everyday life can be stressful and you want to unwind when on vacation, and not bake all day in the scorching sun. Tuscany really offers beautiful scenery, culture like nowhere else in the world, the finest wines and cuisine and much, much more. This is why a bicycle is your best friend when it Tuscany, since you can ride around, enjoy the fresh air and go on beautiful, cinematic picnics. Visiting Tuscany, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a trip you will cherish.

Motorcycling through the Western Alps

For those that consider themselves the adventurous type, I suggest a motorcycle. There is no better way to experience the open road than on the back of a motorcycle. Sure, this isn’t an experience everyone can handle but there are few other vacation options that can pump the adrenal like this one. The Western Alps are a popular destination for bikers due to its beautiful sites and great food. If you decide to go on this trip, make sure you have all your biking equipment and that you get informed about riding hazards and experiences of other bikers who had visited this destination.

There are numerous options that are in the price range of your already established vacation habits that will provide you with something more. I mean you probably already have trouble identifying every individual trip to the sea side and distinguishing one memory from another. These trips will make you remember them  distinctly and you will be retelling your adventures to your friends with passion.

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