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Which chef do you like the best after reading interviews?
By: Jade Cohen   |    Consultant | Self-Employed
February 15, 2012   |   17 Responses

I love to cook (and eat!) and I noticed they just launched the new foodie section with a bunch of recipes & intereviews. (Yay!)

After reading some of their responses, I am curious to know whose restaurant you would want to visit the most. I am torn myself! 

The interviews are here, if you hadn't seen them yet:  (


Perl Watson commented on July 8, 2013

Bobby Flay

Lissa commented on November 14, 2012

Jean-Georges Vongerichten- Love french cuisine and a friend of mine dine at his restaurant before. She said the food experience was just out of this world!

Amber Lovett commented on November 8, 2012

I would ave to say William Bradley.I like te fact that he doesn't follow what everyone else is doing and decides to be his own person.I am the same exact way.What fun is it blending in when God gave each of us our own unique ability to stand out?? A saying I wrote goes great with his views: "I'd rather stand out like a beautifully detailed painting than blend in like a black and white portrait with poor quality.":)

Christopher commented on October 29, 2012

Bobby Flay

manivelle commented on October 4, 2012

Marcus Samuelsson

Delores Skidmore commented on September 6, 2012

Bobby Flay!! can you imagine sitting down at a great table and just ordering his dishes of great food?? I could and would be in Heaven!

Ailyn Diaz commented on August 19, 2012

Bobby Flay.

Jennifer Dundus commented on August 9, 2012

Bobby Flay

Enemaku Ephraim Onuche commented on August 5, 2012

Its Bobby Flay all the way!

Guest Post commented on June 25, 2012

Bobby Flay

manivelle commented on June 15, 2012

eric ripert

vision20 commented on June 13, 2012

David Chang

Ema commented on April 22, 2012

Bobby Flay

Steven commented on April 10, 2012

Bobby Flay for sure!

irina commented on March 10, 2012

Bobby Flay

Moto-007 commented on February 15, 2012

Karen & Quinn Hatfield - I greatly enjoyed their article.

Nalane commented on February 15, 2012

I like Bobby Flay and would love to go to mesa grill, I read an interview he had with Fern Berman for StarChefs and he talks about grilling, I would order something on the menu that's grilled. I looked at the menu for Mesa Grill and there is a Grilled Hanger Steak I would love to try!

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