Which Wines to Look for in your Local Wine Merchants

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There are many wonderful wines heralding from all over the world and you will likely be spoilt for choice when entering a wine merchants store on your high street. There are French wines, Italian wines, Chilean wines, American wines to name but a few but what should you be looking out for when selecting a wine and which is most likely to be suitable for you?

Regardless of the occasion – whether it be for a dinner party of for just a simple meal that you are preparing for yourself, there are a number of factors to take into account when picking a bottle of wine. Many people will speak to UK wine merchants and this is an excellent way of finding the perfect tipple for you but the following hints may prove helpful as well:

Wine Tip #1 – Think about the Food

It may seem obvious but many people choose a wine without paying much attention to the meal that they are going to be accompanying it with. This is a mistake that any wine merchant will be able to help you avoid but, as a general rule of thumb, you should aim to pair lighter wines with less weighty meals such as fish and chicken but if you’re going for a bigger meal, particularly one with red meats, it would be a good idea to consider a more full bodied wine such as a Chateau Brillette 2004.

Wine Tip #2 – Vintage or Modern?

One of the biggest decisions to make when heading to wine merchants is that of whether you go for a vintage wine or a more modern variety. Whilst age can be important when it comes to wine, it isn’t the be all and end all – there are many highly regarded wines that don’t have age on their curriculum vitae.  French red wines tend to benefit from a period of ageing but the majority of sparkling wines won’t need to spend eons on the shelves and are ready to drink right away.

Wine Tip #3 – What Region?

Wine is something that can be produced more or less anywhere but, it is fair to say, some regions are considerably more popular than others. California, many French regions and South African wines are just some of the considerations when heading to the wine merchants in search of a tipple. Whether you’re a fan of red or white wine, the likelihood is that you’ll be able to find something which is ideal for you if you just ask local wine expert. France and Italy have been produce wines for centuries so if you opt for a wine picked and bottle in one of these regions, it’s a fairly safe bet from any good UK wine merchants.

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