White Trending Just in Time For Summer

White is Trending

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It's not rocket science: white reflects heat, black absorbs it. It only makes sense that white is coming in vogue now that what promises to be one of the hottest summers on record is upon us, but there's a hidden gem in all this, and that's that forward looking fashion is the name of the season, and thanks to Apple's iProducts and Tron, minimalism is in. We'll let you figure out what the best minimalist color is.


As a fashion editor, there are many occupational hazards, what with all the proximity to licensed insanity. The greatest though, is falling hook, line and sinker for The Season's Look. Now that, you find yourself thinking, as a peplum-belt roughly the shape and size of The Arsenal rustles past you, is just so ingenious. How useful will that peplum be, you scrawl rhetorically in your notebook. How flattering. How effortlessly will it pull everything that has hitherto languished un-touched in your wardrobe, into sharp, instantly wearable focus? (Read More)

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