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Who has the best Mexican food in San Diego?
By: Elizabeth Rouse   |    September 30, 2011   |   15 Responses (0) (0)

I'm looking for really good Mexican food in San Diego. Where can I find it?

Best Answer

Courtney Driver commented on October 10, 2011

La Puerta in downtown. Hands Down.

Other Responses

Nikole commented on January 2, 2012

Lucha Libre. it was on Man vs. Food. you HAVE to get the Surfin' California Burrito!

Marco commented on January 2, 2012

Old Town Mexican Cafe. best hand made tortillas north of the border

Nick commented on December 15, 2011

Lolitas has the best california burrito, los panchos has the best surf and turf burrito, and if you're looking for the best quesadilla with guacamole look no further than Roberto's in chula vista.

Roy commented on December 15, 2011

Roberto's in Chula Vista...it's Mexico north of the border. But then again, what taco shop do you know sells a mean Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a Mexican Pizza??

gurpreet commented on October 24, 2011

try it any of the recommendation

gurpreet commented on October 24, 2011

ill just go any recommendation

Steph commented on October 21, 2011

El Zarape!

Christina Stewart commented on October 11, 2011

La Guadalajara in Old Town...BUT for some late-night carne asada, it's all about La Fiesta in Mission Valley.

Loera commented on October 10, 2011

ahh je t'aime les filibertos en encinitas!

Josephine commented on October 10, 2011

i LOVE t.bell! I've been having a crunchwrap and a chalupa three times a week for lunch for years now! cant give it up!

Charles commented on October 10, 2011

Does Temecula count? For my money I find that The Bank Mexican Restaurant has the finest flan this side of Arizona! And its located right in the heart of beautiful Temecula!

Nemo commented on October 10, 2011

Its all about Senor Grubbys in Carlsbad!

gurpreet commented on October 8, 2011

anyone can do better than taco bell in ca ??

Elizabeth Rouse commented on October 7, 2011

And please don't say Taco Bell.

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