Who'd Have Thought Headphones Would Have a Place In High Fashion?

It's amazing how technology and fashion continue to march on, and doubly so when the two come together as spectacularly as they have in the realm of high fashion. No longer do headphones need to be clunky, hideous and distracting or tiny, ear-splitting and annoying: tech fashion has turned the once obtrusive peripherals into highly fashionable accessories.

Before there were iPhone cases and tablet covers, the biggest tech fashion accessory was headphones–and perhaps the proliferation of tech accessories to go with all of these new gadgets has brought about a renewed interest in the look and style of headphones and earbuds.


They’ve almost become a status symbol with some high-quality, artfully designed headphones ringing in over $200 (and not just because they sound good). We even get regular press releases about celebrities wearing a brand’s headphones–pretty much confirming our theory that headphones have officially become a coveted fashion accessory. (Read More)



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