Why Electronic Cigarettes are the Healthier Option

Smoking e-cigs

Smokers have known for decades about the health issues stemming from tobacco cigarette use. There are thousands of studies that show tobacco cigarettes cause heart damage, lung and throat cancer and various other debilitating conditions. Yet smokers keep puffing on their cigarettes like there’s no tomorrow – most smokers have tried giving up at least once, and for those who haven’t succeeded, it’s back to the cancer stick. People smoke because it relaxes them, the nicotine inside the cigarettes is very addictive and some have even called it a drug. But these are modern times, that offer us options we didn’t have twenty years ago.

Here’s where a new invention comes to the aid of the smokers: electronic cigarettes have been invented by a Chinese pharmacist in 2000 and have quickly become the rage.  They look just like tobacco cigarettes but are made of metal: the long metal tube contains a light that turns on when the person draws in on the cigarette, a small processor that detects this flow of air, a cartridge which contains the nicotine juice and an atomizer which is activated by the processor and tells it to vaporize the liquid. The moment you stop inhaling from the electronic cigarette, it automatically turns off and can be placed back in your pocket. The smoke you draw in is actually vapor, thus vaping is the correct term preferred by electronic cigarette smokers.

This vapor contains the nicotine that makes you addicted to tobacco cigarettes, so you won’t feel the any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Flavors can also be added to it in order for you to get a complete smoking experience so that you feel that nothing is lost. Click here for their official review and see what others have to say about these devices. Connect with others and let them share their experiences with you. We know quitting tobacco cigarettes is extremely hard and it is a step that must be given plenty of thought, so talking to others who have gone through this already is vital to the process.

Also try to find support in your friends and family. Let them know you’re planning to replace your tobacco cigarettes with electronic ones, so that they can offer you their support. Although the transition to electronic cigarettes is a smooth one that can take place without any bumps, it’s always great to have people around you that know what you’re going through.


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