Public and Private Investment in Housing

Everyone acknowledges that there is a housing shortage in the UK. The figure varies but the recent recession has done nothing to help the problem. A report done for the House Builders Federation ten years ago suggested the UK needed to build about 200,000 new homes per year. That certainly has not happened in any year since 2008. The figures show that the actual quantity of new homes constructed is about half the requirement and hence the annual requirement at present has risen substantially. Most commentators agree that it will be at least the end of the decade before that shortage is at manageable levels and that involves an increase in building from its present level.

More building required

The Construction Industry certainly welcomed the end of the recession because it meant that projects that had been shelved could resume and new ones planned. The priority is affordable housing and government financial initiatives have been put in place to help first time buyers. More needs to be done however and affordability is key to getting young people able to own their homes once more.

The latest figures released by the Homes and Community Agency (HCA) indicate that there is a good deal of work to be done. Affordable housing is being built at a faster rate than previous years but the shortage looks unlikely to be solved any time soon. In the meantime, demand for rental property remains strong.

Modernisation adds value

Much of the UK’s housing, private and public, is old and much is in need of modernisation. People who have recognised that their homes are appreciating in value once more are looking at home improvements that can add more value to their major asset. Some are doing extensions, taking advantage of the temporary relaxation of planning regulations, others merely doing work to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by installing new windows and composite doors to help keep heat in and cold weather out.

Nationally recognised quality

Safe doors and similar companies are geared to provide doors to fit any taste; colour and style. Composite doors can be manufactured in a wood effect if that is in keeping with the style of the house. If you want to look at what is available, the first thing you should do is satisfy yourself that you are dealing with a firm that works to nationally recognised standards. It is easy enough to do because all good companies now realise that the Internet provides the most effective marketing tool available today. The result is plenty of information to read as you begin your research.

The recession was certainly a shock but ‘normal service’ is being resumed; property is once again a good investment. It is an investment worth protecting and hence anything that is done to improve and maintain it makes perfect sense.


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