Why Women Love the Luxury 2018 Lincoln Navigator

Jill Weinlein

Imagine my excitement when a 2018 Lincoln Black Label Navigator was delivered to my house. This full-size SUV is the ultimate in luxury driving. While my husband was excited about the quiet twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine, and 10-speed automatic overdrive transmission, capable of producing 450-horsepower, I loved how this vehicle is so family friendly. 

Opening the door, the Navigator greets the driver and passengers by illuminating and extending the running boards for ease to get up into the SUV. Once inside, the ambient lighting can be customized to your favorite color.

Sitting in the driver seat, there are cooling and heating seat options, as well as seat position buttons offering 30-way adjustability feature. Driving short trips to drop off the kids at school, as well as long weekend trips to soccer tournaments, are more comfortable with the massage button that actively soothes your mid-back down to your thighs.

Another exciting feature allows drivers to cruise along with confidence and control with the push of a round control knob in the center. Depending on different road conditions, the Lincoln Navigator offers six different driving modes that can activate adaptive suspension, shift points, and 4x2 versus 4x4 drive lines. The information displays include a Normal setting to achieve effortless and balanced driving and Normal 4x4 activating a confident and secure control. I enjoyed the Conserve option for efficiency driving, turning the engine off when the vehicle stops. My husband liked the Excite mode offering a more responsive and engaging drive. There are two modes for slippery slick, icy or loose surfaces and a slow climb option offering low-speed power and control. 

This iced mocha metallic colored SUV is gorgeous inside with a soothing Chalet Theme. The seats are upholstered with perforation pattern inserts of soft Alpine Venetian colored leather and elegant complimentary piping.

There is an easy to read 10’ LCD center screen. The backup camera displays a split screen for extra safety while in reverse. The touchscreen allows the driver and front passenger to manage audio, phone, and navigation. The driver can activate all of this on the steering wheel-mounted controls, including the 13-speaker Revel audio system offering the ultimate sound system. It’s a portal to standard SYNC 3 with both Apple Car-Play and Android Auto compatibility. 

Inspired by the look and touch of Steinway piano keys, the all-new gear shifter activates Parking, Drive, Neutral and Reverse without a stick shift. Just push on the brake and depress a key to shift with ease.

The spacious 7 passenger SUV offers a second and third row with a charge point and for every passenger and WiFi availability throughout. There is also a hidden wireless charging pad located in the console next to the driver’s seat. With the push of a button, the third row becomes flush to carry luggage, sporting equipment, plants from the nursery and grocery bags. A hidden storage feature is in the center console offering a deep area for my purse, phones, iPads and gaming devices. 

The only feature I wished this exquisite vehicle offered was a side camera offering visibility on the center screen to alert drivers to cyclists, pedestrians and other automobiles with the flick of the right turn signal.

The 2018 Lincoln Black Label Navigator is priced just under $100,000.

Jill Weinlein

The 2018 Lincoln Black Label Navigator is the ultimate in luxury.

Jill Weinlein

Inside the full-size SUV combines modern design and 6 different driving modes.

Jill Weinlein

The second and third rows offer a charge point for every passenger and WiFi availability throughout. 

Jill Weinlein

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