Willie Nelson's Still Awesome At Eighty

Willie Nelson for John Varvatos


With an impeccable fashion sense that hasn't faded with age, the 80-year old Willie Nelson is still dressing to impress as he takes up John Varvatos' fall 2013 advertisement campaign. Looking chic, dignified and a just a touch rebellious with his unabashed pig-tails, Nelson is a model men should aspire to one day match.

Country music legend, marijuana advocate, and general bad ass Willie Nelson is embarking on a surprising new career path: The 80-year-old singer has turned model for John Varvatos’ fall 2013 campaign.


For the ads, shot by Danny Clinch at the historic Salisbury House in Des Moines, Iowa, Nelson lost his signature bandanna–but kept the waist-length braids (thank god!). His sons Lukas and Micah, 24 and 23, respectively, also star in the ads. (Read More)

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