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A good skincare routine need take no longer than brushing your teeth, but will keep your skin hydrated, nourished, clear and healthy.  Throughout the year, with temperature changes, central heating, air conditioning, stress, pollution and more, your skins needs may well change but your routine won’t.
A good salon or spa should be able to recommend exactly what your skin needs but help is now available online with Germaine de Capuccini, one of Europe’s top professional brands. 
Germaine de Capuccini’s top skincare tips:
Rule number one for clear skin is to always cleanse your skin before going to bed.  Any excess make-up or debris not cleansed at night will seep into the skin and can cause pores to clog, causing eruptions (spots).  Many women prefer to use a creamy type cleanser in the evening to remove all make-up and then use a wash off gel, or a soft exfoliating foam in the shower in the morning. Men should cleanse their skin too. Most men need a quick wash off gel, best kept in the shower.
The second step is to tone your skin by simply pouring a couple of drops or so into the palm of your hands and massage in, we don’t waste our toners on cotton wool! Our toners are all treatment based and provide essential nutrients and elements for your skins needs. This removes any excess cleanser, closes your pores, helps to balance and regulate the skin’s PH and prepares your skin for moisturising.
Exfoliating your skin removes the dead skin cells allowing subsequent products applied to penetrate and work effectively.  Exfoliating also helps to stop congestion and keeps the skin healthy.  If you have normal/dry skin then exfoliating your skin once a week is perfect, if, however you have problematic, oily skin then do not exfoliate more than once every two weeks. If you exfoliate too often this can over stimulate the skin and cause the skin to produce more oil. For those with sensitive skin, try mixing a little exfoliator in with your cleanser for a more gentle process.
Moisturising day and night is essential – no matter your skin type. A good cream will hydrate and protect, providing moisture, nourishment and assisting cell renewal.  Problematic, oily skin still needs to be treated with a good moisturiser to help balance and purify the skin, ensuring the skin receives moisture, not oil.
For anyone over the age of 30/35, consider using an eye product. A little goes a long way, and you need no more than the size of a grain of rice per eye. The eyes show the first signs of ageing and you can delay this process and improve the appearance of existing lines around the eyes with the right product, according to your age and skin type.  Only ever apply an eye product to the socket area, don’t massage a cream or gel into the eye lids. A simple, light, tapping type massage movement on the bone and socket area is perfect as this activates the area helping to keep dark shadows and puffiness at bay.

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