Wonderful trip to Paris with car rental

We have been in Paris 5 days now. It has been a tremendous visit and we have loved viewing Paris in its autumn colors. Our last visit to Paris was in winter and the difference between the seasons is noteworthy. We were ready for the crowds of tourists as this is the peak season after the Olympics. Though we haven’t ready for the crowds of Parisians who are out. We reached on Friday and we made up one's mind that we would try to get over the all-night flight by perambulating Paris and familiarizing ourselves with the city. We decided not to take our cameras. Our hotel is a few small blocks backwards from the Champs Elyees and the crowds on the streets are astonishment. 


On Friday, we traveled to certain small parks in the area. We took an earlier dinner and made up one's mind that we were as close as we could be to Paris time. On our first day in Paris, we decided to holiday the extremely modern commercial district of Paris. The district has the disputable cube that makes the end of the scene that can be seen from the Arc de Triomphe. As a remedy to the commercial district, we passed the afternoon in Saint Germain. It houses the oldest church in Paris- St. Germain des Pres. This church is gothic and within the timber curvatures of the roof show the age of the church. Precisely outer of the metro station and the church, there was a jazz foursome playing on the corner. During our tour, car rental France helped us a lot and made our Paris tour a memorable one.


We took lunch in Saint Germain and roamed back to hotel via Seine River bank and viewed the gardens of the Louvre Palace named the Tuilleries. The gatherings along the river bank and in the gardens were a spectacle. One important thing that the lawns in the gardens are not used for sitting or lying down nobody goes keeps the lawns. There are a few open-air cafes in the gardens that seen very attractive.


We strolled from Montparnasse to the Luxembourg Gardens. These gardens are the second major in Paris and very attractive and people are more friendly than the Tuilleries gardens. At the Luxembourg gardens, we viewed petanque being acted at the end of all of the courts. After that, we adjudicated that we would embark out of Paris and lead the train to Chartres. Chartres is a small city located around 1 hour by train from Paris and houses a beautiful cathedral and a fresh-looking old town. We passed a lot of time in and around the cathedral which is having momentous refurbishment and it is fantastic to view the cathedral being rejuvenated to its former glory.



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