World's Finest Watch Box ~ Just a Wind Up

Big Ben


So finally, let me start at the begining which ironically is the end. When we first completed the Luxury Poker Box, many told us that this beautiful box was a 'must' for watches as well. I explained and have always maintained that the Poker box was, although unique, a generic design created to allow us to best provide the fantastic objects of desire our clients demand.

The Luxury Watch Box was, therefore, there at the inception, a twinkle in my eye. The first watch box more than a twinkle. Let me explain more. Gentlemen out there will understand the desire to acquire fabulous articles that demonstrate the mastery of horology, the classic greats such as Patek philippe to the modern tour de force Franck Muller. Each and every one of these artisan help to fire the desire and the fantasy to own time pieces that exude perfection in the watchmakers art , embellished by the skills of master jewellers more than dedicated to their art.

A recent phenomenon is the ability to store these wonderful time pieces in a box/cupboard that will wind your watch even when you do not wear it. This as a principal is logical and practical enough.

In the inimitable words of 'Madness' Lancelot Lancaster White went "one step beyond". We decided to create a mechanical watch winder for mechanical watches, surely the epitomy logical progression for a true enthusiasts desire. Many considered this just a wind up, but once designed our partner (in what initially seemed a crazy project) said it was IMPOSSIBLE to do, and they should know the family business has been making  and maintaining clocks since the 17th century.

Following long debates and techical discussions it was born. The mechanical watch winding box that will wind watches for up to 30 days. Not only this but the fact that the mechanism will be made from the only piece of Big Ben ever known to be acquired and will be based on the original flat bed mechanism of Big Ben, whilst also providing a miniature Big Ben dial faced clock for time keeping inside the box makes this a world first. The 12 examples due to be made, original materials permitting, are expected to attract a price in excess of $450,000.00 each.

To physically produce such a luxurious work of practical functionality under the watchful eye of our master craftsmen and partners means you must be patient as a delivery time of at least six months is predicted. This has not however deterred interest in this project with several parties from Russia proposing deposits for the No1 box.

This really is not a wind up....

Paul Miller

Paul Miller writes for Lancelot Lancaster White a British company making handmade, limited edition Luxury products and one-off luxury artefacts. Made from rare, precious and ancient materials, crafted by traditional skilled and dedicated artisans. Paul's experience comes from more than 20 years designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture and interiors for corporate, government and private client...(Read More)

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