World's Most Expensive Limousines

World's Most Expensive Limousines

Ever wondered what the world's most expensive limousines were? Well, now is your chance to finally know. I have narrowed the list down to three of the most priciest limousines know to man. And we aren't talking about your black Lincoln limo for prom, these are the big boy limousines. These limousines come equipped with features never thought possible. I mean some of the things in these limousines are truly astounding. So here we go, I present to you the world's most expensive limousines.

The Midnight Rider

This is single handedly the largest and most expensive limo ever made. With production costs estimated at a cool 2.5 million dollars, this baby is locked and loaded. With 460 square feet, this limousine is a mammoth. It looks somewhat like a semi-truck only twice as long as a regular semi-truck. This is classified as a tractor-trailer limousine and costs anywhere from 650 to 1000 dollars an hour to rent. If you can afford to ride in this baby there are a few things you need to know. This baby has 435 horsepower and comes equipped with a staff to work the bar and assist you with whatever you need. This can hold up to 40 passengers at a time and runs as quite as a mouse. Once you step aboard the Midnight Rider, you will notice the fine interior modeled after railroads from the 1800s, a classic and vintage look. There are two lounge areas, one on the bottom and one on the top floor (yes there is a second floor) and you can relax in both with the tremendous sound system and full bar service. This is truly the world's greatest and most expensive limousine.  

The Hummerzine

The hummerzine or more commonly known as the Hummer stretch limousine, is one of the world's most expensive limousines around. This is a very popular limousine and is available from almost any high end luxury limo service. The stretch Hummer limousine comes equipped with a bar, video player, music player, multiple television monitors and intricate lighting. And the music and television you listen to is all played through a clear and high-quality sound system. This limousine is one of a kind and with it's size you will surely get noticed by everyone while you ride through the streets. These limousines can cost anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars an hour and will fit normally around 18 passengers.

The Million Euro Mini Limo

You guessed it. This next limousine cost one million euros to produce. Though it is not available to the public, this personal Mini Cooper limo is pimped out at a costly price. Inside you will find a giant Fire Diamond LCD TV and plush luxury seats. Each wheel has a specially made crystal in the middle and used 50 grams of pure gold to coat the rims. The body of the car is also made from Swarovski crystals and has a fine pink touch with a cool design on the hood. Nobody would dare judge someone rolling down the street in a pink million euro Mini Cooper limo, it is simply amazing., the best limo service in Las Vegas for 24/7 luxury limousines

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