Worst Celebrity Fashion Statements, 2012

China Chow

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

So most of the time they get it style and fashion right (except, in the case of Christina Aguilera), but every now and then, celebrities wear some utterly atrocious outfits to big events. They know they're going to have their picture taken by dozens of photographers, don't they understand that even their stylists can be completely wrong sometimes?


It's true that fashion is a personal statement, but it's also true that the world of fashion is very hit or miss. And, just like every other year, 2012 saw its fair share of misses. Even the most fashionable stars have an off day every now and then. From pop stars to actresses and even Justin Bieber, we've rounded up the best of the year's worst in hopes that the world of fashion will avoid such mistakes in 2013. Read More

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