Yer an Oscar Winner, Harry

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Every young wizard hopes one day to win an Oscar for sound editing or cinematography, so it's pretty impressive that not one, not two, but three wizards won Oscars last night! Okay, but seriously, as cool as this style trend could be, can it not become a thing outside the realm of older Nordic-looking men. Now that I think about it, maybe they're not wizards: They might be Nordic gods.

It was an enchanting evening at the Dolby Theatre, especially for our pals Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence, but the Game of Thrones-worthy hairstyles on display took things to another level. Slytherin House was the night's big winner as not one, not two, but three (!) grown men with lustrous, flowing locks ascended the stairs to claim trophies for their efforts in sound editing and cinematography.

While we're not encouraging you to cast your barber into Mount Doom (and a trim around the edges probably wouldn't have killed them), there's something to be said here about defining your own personal style. Read More

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