YOGAYLE Launches Yoga Retreats & Vacations Aimed at Renewing the Mind, Body and Spirit

YOGAYLE Retreats & Vacations


YOGAYLE Retreats & Vacations has launched a range of luxury yoga holidays aimed at people looking to balance good living — fine wines, gourmet food, exotic destinations — with a healthy lifestyle. People will renew mind, body and spirit through a combination of yoga, meditation, sports and nature, along with a healthy dose of indulgence.

Beginning in Italy and France this fall, the first venues will be private villas and boutique hotels carefully selected for their tranquil beauty and ability to offer fine dining, luxury accommodation and access to amenities such as beaches, golf, horse-riding, biking, and interesting cultural and historical sights.

“Taking a yoga retreat or vacation is giving yourself the best kind of gift,” explains Gayle Olson, yoga expert and founder of YOGAYLE Retreats & Vacations. “You will return home feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to take on life again. It’s amazing what it can do for you!”

The first of three vacations offered this fall, Learn Yoga! Vacation, is located in a beautiful 17th century award-winning boutique vineyard hotel near the Ionian Sea in Puglia, Southern Italy, from September 28, 2012 - October 4, 2012. Aimed at beginners and those returning to yoga, it’s a wonderful opportunity to discover yoga in one of Europe’s most beautiful coastal destinations. Immediately following in the same location will be the first Yoga-Wine Vacation, from October 5-10, 2012.

Late October’s Wild Women Retreat offers a break from the daily grind to relax, stretch out, take a few deep breaths, and a look at where you’re at in your life. The program of yoga, movement and informal coaching workshops explores issues encountered by women at key stages of their lives, ranging from spirituality to sensuality, careers to relationships.

“This is a dream come true. It’s really a culmination of a life’s work, combining all of my current and past passions and professions,” adds Olson. “Most of us want to live healthier, more balanced and more fulfilling lives, while still having a lot of fun and feeling free to indulge a little too.”

The three main yoga-themed retreats currently offered by YOGAYLE Retreats & Vacations include:

Yoga-Wine Vacations - A vacation designed with singles, couples or friends in mind, including those who may not even be interested in yoga! The morning meditation and yoga is optional; while she is practicing yoga, he may be sipping his cappuccino on the terrace or taking a bike ride through the olive groves. (
Wild Women Retreats - A retreat geared for women in the middle stage (middle age) of life to enhance her inner beauty, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality. Having worked with women for 20 years through yoga, coaching and women's groups, Gayle feels very strongly that "women need time out from the daily life of being wives, daughters, mothers and career women, to relax, take care of their bodies, be with other women in a supportive environment, and have time to examine and re-define what is truly important and what they want to do with the rest of their lives!" (
Learn Yoga! Vacations - The perfect vacation for people who want to learn or brush up on their yoga basics, while enjoying a luxuriously serene vacation with the perfect blend of sight-seeing, relaxation and healthy gourmet food. (

About Gayle Olson: Olson is a yoga expert and life coach with 17 years’ experience as a teacher in the Vinyasa, Iyengar and Hatha traditions. She has developed her own unique method of hands-on adjustment massage, which helps students deepen their practice and flexibility safely and comfortably. She brings her experience both as a yoga teacher and as a consultant in the luxury property market to YOGAYLE Retreats and Vacations - her students benefit from her extensive yoga training and her eye for the perfect vacation spot. Gayle is also the author of “The Yoga & Fitness Guide for Women” (out of print), a coaching workbook to support women on their path to greater health and fitness.

About YOGAYLE Retreats & Vacations: YOGAYLE Retreats & Vacations provide high-end yoga-based vacations with themes, atmospheres and activities designed to stretch – in style – your mind, body and soul. Set in 5-star villas or boutique hotels selected for their serene beauty, quality gastronomy, and that “magical something” in the atmosphere, YOGAYLE Retreats & Vacations blend luxury with natural simplicity, combining the worlds of yoga and meditation with sensory experiences of visual beauty and sumptuous tastes.

YOGAYLE Retreats& Vacations are the natural evolution of Gayle Olson’s twenty years of travel, teaching yoga, organizing magical events and coaching women and men in the fields of yoga, fitness and well-being. The variety of themed retreats and vacations offered reflects the view that there are many paths to explore and many ways to grow through yoga!

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