Your Dog's Stuff Doesn't Have to be Cheap

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A leather dog's collar can go a long way for your furry friends, and you won't even have to spend much money on one either. Make sure to take as much care of his or her stuff as you do your own fashions and keep your dog looking good year round.


When my wife and I got our first dog, Cocoa (the brown one, above) some years ago, we started with basic dog equipment. Nylon collar and leash, a bed from Target. I was shocked at how quickly they became tattered and gross.

I replaced Cocoa’s collar and leash with Filson. They were a bit expensive, but not extraordinarily so, and they look and work even better now, five years later, than they did then. I clean them with a bit of saddle soap and put a little Lexol on them every few months, but besides that, I’ve done nothing. Read More

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