Zara Won't Expand (Clothes) for the United States

Zara doesn't sell plus-size clothing

ABC News

It's a pretty well-known fact that America has a substantial weight problem, which, in turn, is becoming a problem for those who are into fashion. Though plus-size models and collections are gaining in popularity, the best styles are still consistently created for thinner shoppers, causing a rift between fashion houses and plus-size fashionistas.


Spanish fashion chain Zara, now the world's largest retailer, is being accused of missing a "huge opportunity" in the Unites States by refusing to offer plus-size clothing to women.

Zara has beaten out major retailers like Forever 21 or H&M in the "fast fashion" market, which introduces a new line of fashion-forward, low cost clothing every two weeks. But one thing you won't find on their racks at the chain's stores across America is larger sizes. According to a recent New York Times article, that is no design flaw. Larger sizes cost more to make. Read More

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