Zoe Saldana and the September Issue for Gotham Magazine

Zoe Saldana is naturally gorgeous on the cover of Gotham magazine’s September issue. The star sports a satin Givenchy jumpsuit and flashes a smile to complete the look. Once a stranger to landing a cover, Saldana is making her mark in the fashion publishing industry and can also boast being the first face for the cover of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, a great milestone for her acting and modeling career.  

"There are a lot of magazines that are still sort of... that only cater to a certain demographic and only put certain people on their covers," Saldana said. "And that's fine -- I never lose hope that one day certain big magazines can broaden their exposure of what is an American face," said the half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican actress at the Cosmopolitan for Latinas launch party.

The actress speaks of her inspiration for style, attributing her grandmother as her motivation. 

"My grandmother and great-grandmother were seamstresses their whole lives, so when my grandmother moved to New York in the '60s, she worked for design houses throughout the city," Saldana told Gotham. "She really loved fabrics and textiles, so it was natural to my family. Fashion wasn't like a religion to us, but it is in my ancestry. It was never about luxury; it was about art."

Fashion is an art, and another art Saldana embraces is singing; making her actress-model-singer-fashionista-latina that is rising to the top of many industries. 


Megan Jenkins

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