Zooey Deschanel Should Keep Her Hair Long

Kiss and Makeup

After seeing Zooey Deschanel at the Oscars looking as though she had cut off a huge portion of her hair, I have to admit that her normal style is drastically superior. She should stick to her normal beauty and hair routine and leave the cropped look to women with more elongated faces.


We embarked on the mammoth task of investigating all the beauty news from the Oscars this morning expecting to see a barrage of great nail art from the usual suspects - Anne Hathaway, Adele and mainly Zooey Deschanel - surprisingly there wasn't much going on with her nails that we could see, but she did have dramatically different hair!

Sweeping her trademark fringe to the side, Zooey wore her hair in a chin-length bob - the consensus on the web seems to be that she's cut all her hair off *but if you look closely you can see the ends are all curled under to cut the length: Zooey seems to be working a faux-bob there! Read More

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