Kate Middleton and Prince William Receive Odd Gifts During Overseas Tour

Photo Credit: Francine Orr/ Pool/Los Angeles Times
Kate Middleton and Prince William took a whirlwind tour in 2011, traveling through Canada and the United States (William also went on a trip to Australia and New Zealand sans Kate), receiving welcome gifts along the way. But what do you get a royal couple that has the means to buy whatever they want? Well according to E! Online, each country they visited gave them many touching and appropriate items, along with some wacky, weird and random ones to boot. Here are just a few:

From Canada:
  • a ball point pen
  • two polar bear lapel badges
  • two mosquito traps
  • three pairs of shoes
  • four plates
  • three red hockey jerseys
  • a dog toy (they don't have a dog)
From the U.S.
  • a teddy bear
  • iPad
  • wine coasters
  • bread board
  • newspaper clippings from the Chicago Daily Sun & Times
  • earrings
  • DVDs
From New Zealand:
  • an apron
  • carved and inscribed building fragments from Christchurch earthquake
  • books
  • baseball caps
  • a block of jade
  • scented soaps and hand towels
From Australia:
  • jewelry
  • cricket hacket
  • Akubra hat
  • commemorative coins
  • sleeping bag
  • papier-mâché model
  • a jar of Vegemite

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