Jul. 30th, 2012

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Pay $400,000 for Hamptons Vacation Rental

Photo Courtesy of Michael Buckner
How many people do you know who could drop $400,000 for a month of luxury vacation? We know at least two: Beyoncé and Jay-Z have reportedly rented a 31,000-square-foot house for the month of August with that price tag. The New York Post reports that the luxury rental in the beach town of Bridgehampton, New York, includes such amenities as an underwater stereo system for the pool, squash and tennis courts, an eight-car garage, and even a children’s performing area that nearly 7-month old Blue Ivy Carter can indulge in. We expect the family to enjoy a nice quiet month away from it all at the rental appropriately nicknamed the Sandcastle.
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