Aug. 27th, 2012

John Galliano Stripped of France's Medal d'Honneur

Photo Courtesy of John Galliano
Luxury fashion designer John Galliano is resurfacing in fashion news because of the anti-Semitic insults that he made at a bar in Paris last year. After the incident occurred, Galliano was convicted in a French court, given suspended fines, and finally lost his job at Dior. Now the designer is being stripped of France’s Legion d’Honneur, which he was awarded in 2009 by the country’s former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, for his contributions to French couture. Galliano is now one of only a few recipients of France’s top honor to have his award effectively retracted. He has blamed his outburst on alcohol and drug abuse, did two months in rehab, and has since tried to keep a low profile.
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