Oct. 3rd, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld On His Unusual Allergies

Karl Lagerfeld
Photo Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld
In recent fashion news, the high-end style publication that ceased in the early '90s called M Magazine is making a comeback. And what better way to make a returning impression than featuring an interview with Karl Lagerfeld? In the magazine's relaunch issue, Karl discusses his ambition "to be impeccably dressed." The fashionisto— who is known for his outrageous remarks— explained to the magazine exactly why it is that there are certain items that he wouldn't be caught dead in. Among them? Suspenders. "I hate to wear suspenders," he said. "I have the feeling I'm wearing a bra." And why is it that we never see him in sweaters? "I prefer woven material," he told the magazine. "It feels cleaner." And the greatest culprit of them all? "I'm physically allergic to flip-flops," he said.
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